1901 – School of Nursing founded; establishment of a three-year program; 14 students admitted. First residence for nurses located on the fourth floor of the Sisters’ Residence.

1904 – First Commencement Exercises. 14 nurses graduate.

1906 – First nurses’ residence purchased.

1909 – Nurses’ alumni Association organized.

1912 – The Pennsylvania State Board of Examiners for Registration of Nurses required an examination be passed in order to be granted the title of R.N.; records show that St. Francis graduates were successful. Previously, the title of R.N. was given after payment of a $5 fee and proof of graduation.

1915 – State Registration Act required graduates to register in the state where they worked.

1916 – A Training School Committee composed of three medical staff members; two nurse administrators and the hospital administrator organized.

1918 – School of Nursing approved by the State Board of Nurse Examiners. Significant contribution was made by hospital nurses to community during influenza epidemic.

1921 – Nursing students from four affiliating schools gained experience in the following areas: medical nursing, operating room, dietetics, psychiatry, physiotherapy.

1924 – The first male nurse graduate from the School: Milton Butler.

1926 – Twenty-fifth Anniversary celebration.

1929 – Groundbreaking for Nurses’ Residence on Calvin Street.

1931 – Nurses’ Residence, Mary Immaculate Hall dedicated.

1932 – Mary Immaculate Hall occupied, designed along modern Gothic lines. It included 12 stories with 400 bedrooms, educational facilities, infirmary, swimming pool, gymnasium, and courtyard, and was described as the most beautiful and largest residence of its kind in the United States.

1933 – Postgraduate courses in psychiatric nursing offered.

1935 - Nursing Arts Committee constructed procedures and compiled a Nursing Arts Manual.

1934 – Sister M. Laurentine, Director, served on the State Committee and won recognition for her contribution to the establishment of the eight-hour day for private duty nurses.

1935 – A three-month course in psychiatric nursing offered to ten affiliating schools which expanded to 19 in 1953.

1936 – Sister M. Laurentine served as a member and chairman of the Pennsylvania State Board of Nurse Examiners.

1942 – Faculty members cooperated with the American Red Cross in directing the work of nurses as the city was crippled by a flood.

1937 – Extensive curriculum study and research was initiated in an effort to meet standards published by the “curriculum Guide for School of Nursing.” Proposals suggested by the Accrediting Committee of the National League of Nursing Education were also utilized in this research.

1938 – Director of Activities appointed. First Snow Queen chosen by her classmates.

1939 – Director of School appointed member of the Accrediting Committee, National League of Nursing Education. Public Health Program developed.

1941 – Courses of instruction for Red Cross Volunteer Nurses Aides began. Graduate and student nurses gave valuable assistance during a local disaster of poisoning by roach powder to residents of a local Salvation Army. School received Accreditation by the National League of Nursing Education and has maintained this distinction.

1942 – Director of Nursing Service and Director of Education appointed. Course in Anesthesia organized. School approved for education of cadet nurses; 350 completed the course. Fire-fighting experience given to students.

1943 – Affiliation established with the Visiting Nurse Society in Philadelphia for Cadet Nurses which continued until 1947.

1944 – Affiliation established with the University of Pittsburgh for student nurse experience in communicable disease at Municipal Hospital.

1948 – Faculty members participated in a recruitment program sponsored by Hospital Council as members of the Speaker’s Bureau.

1949 – School appeared in Group I of the Interim Classification of Diploma Schools of Nursing.

1950 – First African-American graduated from the school: Marie Johns (March). In August, she was followed by Marie Virginia Holton and Jean Rose.

1951 – Affiliation established with Veterans Administration for students’ experience in tuberculosis nursing at Deshon Hospital in Butler. Golden Anniversary celebrated. Faculty member attended an Institute on Nursing Functions in Atomic Warfare co-sponsored by the State Nurses Association and State Commission on Civil Defense. A course on this subject instituted at School and repeated until every graduate and student participated.

1952 – Students represented School at national conventions; participated in local and state convention programs. Two elected to offices in the state student nurse organization. Faculty members served on local league and district committees. Participated in local X-ray Survey Project.

1953 – Student recruitment plan adopted in which expertise of public relations specialist was used to contact high school counselors, clergy, and the general public. Two faculty members participated in a nursing program for civil defense. Several nurses cared for residents of a home for the aged which had been evacuated because of a fire.

1956 – Director of Nursing Education was appointed to the Accreditation Committee of the National League of Nursing Education.

1960 – Last operetta, “Desert Song,” was present to the public by students.

1963 – First nursing students commute to Hospital.

1964 – Nurses’ Residence remodeled to accommodate the Department of Psychiatry.

1966 – First class under the two-year curriculum admitted.

1967 – School of Nursing moved to Second Floor, West Wing. Patricia Miller (‘68S) elected Recording Secretary of the National Student Nurse Organization.

1968 – Last class under the three-year program graduated in September. First class under the two-year program graduated in June. Last Snow Queen chosen by class.

1969 – Student served on Board of Directors of the National Student Nurse Association. Student elected President of the Student Nurse Association of Pennsylvania, District #6 (S.N.A.P.)

1974 – School of Nursing moved to new quarters on Level 2, Medical/Parking Complex.

1975 – Student represented District #6 as Outstanding Student Nurse.

1976 – Student again represented District #6 as Outstanding Student Nurse and competed on the state level.

1980 – Carolyn House Hughes Emergency Fund for students was established.

1982 – A major curriculum revision occurred. Pre-requisite college courses were required.

1984 – The School becomes the St. Francis Medical Center School of Nursing.

1987 – The Teresa L. (“Terri”) Deithorn (’77) Scholarship was established.

1988 – Sr. Mary Daniel Ruffing (’44) Scholarship was created by the School Alumni Association Camille “Millie” Durst (’76) received “Courage to Come Back” award from the St. Francis Health Foundation.

1990 – First articulation agreement signed with Carlow College, awarding St. Francis students 34 college credits. “Caring Curriculum” based on Jean Watson’s Theory of Caring began.

1991 – First phonathon held to solicit scholarship funds for nursing students.

1992 – First official newsletter from the School of Nursing, The Franciscan, sent to alumni and friends of the School. Carol Blakey (’81) received “Courage to Come Back” award from the St. Francis Health Foundation.

1993 – The Maj. Helen C. Humenansky (’25) Scholarship was created. Barbara Hafer (Auditor General of Pennsylvania) presented the School commencement address. The School of Nursing and Medical Libraries combined to form the St. Francis Medical Center Health Sciences Library.

1994 - Thomas Hoerner (’92) received “Courage to Come Back” award from the St. Francis Health Foundation.

1996 – Sr. Mary Daniel Ruffing (’44) received the first annual “Outstanding Alumni” Award.

1997 – Elaine Yellin Burgess (’82) Scholarship was established.

1998 – The School of Nursing returned to Mary Immaculate Hall.

1999 – Augustine Calderone Santelli Morris Scholarship as created. Golden Achievement Award received from S.N.A.P. for membership. The School of Nursing home page appeared on the Internet.

2000 – George William Daugherty (’90) awarded the “Cameo of Caring” representing St. Francis Medical Center. Forrest A. and Frances Ellsworth Scholarship were established.

2001 – The School celebrates 100 years of educating nurses.

2002 – The School of Nursing graduates its last nursing class and is closed.

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